Cooked Ham Karst with bone

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Originally created by farmers who live nearby the Karst ( an outstanding beauty plateau in the area close to Trieste between Italy and Slovenia ) this cooked ham is obtained by curing legs from local livestocks. Legs follow a “Parma” cut procedure and a hand-dressing with sea salt. The second procedure calls for some herbs and spices to add to. They are washed, partially covered with black pepper and dried for the time they need to. Stocked in a conservation area for a little, they are steamed and ready to be served. You might wish to add a bread-crust.

  • Item code: 0007 ( to be cooked )
  • Item code: 0008 ( already cooked )
  • Ingredients: pork leg, salt, herbs and spices
  • Shelf life: when raw 3 months ( in a fresh and dried place ), 3 days after cooking ( between 0° and 4° )
  • Sizing: from 10,5 to 11,5 kg ( roughly between 21 and 23 pounds )
  • Items per package: 1