Cooked Ham Grand Prague in a crust bread

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Traditional “top-range” line obtained by an overnight roasting of a pork leg. Covered with a baked dough, “Grand Prague” is well known in the area around Trieste. This is the geographical area known as Mitteleurope and this ham represents a very tempting meal. Usually served with mellow mustard and horseraddish, “Grand Prague” needs to be hand-cut with the help of a vise. Perfect for catering.

  • Item code: 0050
  • Ingredients: pork leg, salt, dextrose, sugar, potato's starch, stabilizing agents: E450 - E451 - E407, acidity regulator agent: E331, herbs and spices, antioxidant agent: E301, preservative: E250. Dough (it contains gluten), wheat flour, water, salt. It may contain mustard.
  • Shelf life: 4 days after the delivery
  • Sizing: from 11 to 13 kg ( roughly between 22 and 26 pounds )
  • Items per package: 1 piece